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Diamond Brite general purpose oil-enamel provides a professional quality finish that is fit for any project. This line of oil-based paint products is high hiding, mildew resistant with an alkyd finish. In addition, this product line is composed of a durable gloss enamel that helps protect interior and exterior surfaces against repeated abrasion, rust, fading, cracking, peeling, and a variety of household chemicals.

This is an excellent product to use in industrial applications, machinery, commercial usage, and around the household. Applicable surfaces for home use include the basement and garage floor surfaces, patios, or any surface that the user wants to coat with a gloss enamel. The paint coating dries extremely hard. The oil-based coating will stand up against surfaces that receive high-traffic use. This product works best on surfaces such as Wood, Drywall, Plaster, Masonry, Metal, Well-bonded Wallpaper, Brick, Stucco, Aluminum, and Cinder Block.

From the Manufacture:

Please note that for the coating to dry properly, both the air and surface temperature should be above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It is recommended to apply one light coat and to allow 6-8 hours of dry time between each coat. The first coat acts as a primer/sealer, and the second coat becomes the finish coat. This product will average 300 square feet of coverage per gallon.

WARNING, applying one heavy coat will increase the dry time to multiple days. NEVER THIN THIS PRODUCT! Use the product as is, out of the can. This product is formulated to brush, roll, or spray using commercial spray equipment. In order to achieve the best results, we highly recommend that the user choose excellent-quality applicators when applying this product.

Note: All Diamond Brite products are lead-free.

Clean Up & Disposal: 

Mineral spirits or paint thinner


Be certain that the groove on the top of the can is clean before inserting the lid to the container. Protect the product from freezing. If frozen, this product will not return to its original condition and is no longer usable. This product should be stored in a dry environment where temperature should exceed 40 degrees Fahrenheit.