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Diamond Brite Paint is a leading paint brand of quality latex paint, oil-base enamel paint, polyurethane coatings, varnish stains, and aluminum coating available in a variety of our popular and pre-mixed colors.

Latex-based Products

Latex paint products are water based and clean up with soap and water. Latex products are excellent for home or office use on surfaces such as walls, doors, trim and molding, railings, ceilings, or any item that requires a fresh coat of paint.

Oil-based Products

Oil-based coatings are industrial grade and clean up with mineral spirits, acetone, or paint thinner. Oil-based products dry very hard and are scuff and scratch resistant. There are many uses including floors, walls, railings, machinery, furniture, metal, wood, and concrete, and much more.

Specialty Coatings & Stain

Our specialty products range in usage from refreshing and protecting new or old wooden surfaces using varnish stain or polyurethane coatings. Aluminum coating protects against corrosion and covers fencing, machinery, metal roofs, and much more.

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We're shaking up our paint products so all you have to do is mix it before applying. Shake and Mix!

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Hot TIP: To avoid lap marks then consistency is key! Lap marks are caused when you have uneven layers of paint, so do not go over a section multiple times or if the paint has dried. Also, make sure to keep your applicator wet and go from top to bottom throughout the process.

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Diamond Brite is a premier paint brand, and our job is to match your paint needs with our products. Find our products online on Amazon and Ebay or at your local hardware store!

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Happy Shake-it-up Thursday!

We're shaking up paint and hauling it out to our valued customers! Tell us how you shake up your day before the weekend!

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Good Afternoon Chicago and beyond!

Have a paint project you're planning this summer season?

Here is your HOT TIP: Schedule painting either early in the morning or late in the evening. You will have better results if you avoid painting in extreme heat and direct sunlight.

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