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Ceiling Paint


  • GAL


Diamond Brite Flat Latex Ceiling paint is formulated to separate the wall from the ceiling by the human eye. Thus, ceiling paint is not as bright as white-wall paint. It is best to have a slight color change to distinguish the wall from the ceiling.

From the Manufacturer:

This product will average 300 square feet of coverage per gallon, and it takes up to 30 minutes to recoat. For best results, priming the surface first can reduce the need for a second coat. The manufacturer recommends Diamond Brite 40100 Interior/Exterior Latex PVA Primer Sealer, which is an excellent choice

Note: All Diamond Brite products are lead-free. All Diamond Brite products are formulated to brush, roll, or spray without thinning. We highly recommend the user choose an excellent quality paint brush or roller cover to achieve the best results.

Clean Up & Disposal: 

Use soap and water. Do not dispose of this product down a drain.


Be certain that the groove on the top of the can is clean before inserting the lid to the container. Protect the product from freezing. If frozen, this product will not return to its original condition and is no longer usable. This product should be stored in a dry environment where temperature should exceed 40 degrees Fahrenheit.