Latex kitchen paint, bathroom paint

Kitchen & Bath


  • GAL


Diamond Brite Kitchen & Bath paint is formulated with a mildew protectant in order to reduce any brown spotting caused by a buildup of humidity. This line of semi-gloss paint is best for rooms such as a kitchen or bathroom that will be exposed to water splashing.

From the Manufacturer:

When preparing the surface, take extreme care because working on poorly prepared surfaces will highlight imperfections when a semi-gloss product is used. This product will average 300 square feet of coverage per gallon, and it takes up to 30 minutes to recoat. For best results, priming the surface first can reduce the need for a second coat. We recommend a primer that will seal and prime. Diamond Brite 40100 Interior/Exterior Latex PVA Primer Sealer is an excellent choice.

Note: All Diamond Brite products are lead-free. All Diamond Brite products in this series are formulated to brush, roll, or spray without thinning. In order to achieve the best results, we highly recommend that the user choose excellent-quality applicators when applying this product. For the paint to dry as expected the minimum air temperature needs to be 60 degrees or greater.

Clean Up & Disposal:

A general rule is that the shinier the paint finish, the better it will stand up to washing and cleaning. Use soap and water. Do not dispose of this product down a drain.


Be certain that the groove on the top of the can is clean before inserting the lid to the container. Protect the product from freezing. If frozen, this product will not return to its original condition and is no longer usable. This product should be stored in a dry environment where temperature should exceed 40 degrees Fahrenheit.