About Diamond Brite Paint

Founded April 1990, RDL MARKETING INC., launched DIAMOND-BRITE®, a new brand of paint, that offered consumers a value line of pre-mixed paint in oil, latex, and specialty products. Our intent was to provide the user with the best value for their money at an everyday price equal to the sale price of name brand paint, and give the dealer a 40% margin.


Paint Plant

The ISO9002 certified paint plant follows excellent quality control standards.
The paint lab is staffed with experienced chemists and technicians who not only carefully review and QC each batch of paint before it ships, We operate a 100,000 square foot facility in the heart of Chicago, not more than 3 miles from the 3 major expressways of metro Chicago for easy distribution to Chicago land stores.  We use common carriers to deliver to stores outside of Chicago.
but who also ensure that they stay ahead of all regulatory requirements and are very
aware of all state-of-the-art developments in paint formulations.


Government Regulations

The government has mandated stricter regulations on all paint products based on their sheen and use. These strict regulations have made the VOC (volatile organic compound) limits of oil base products match their latex counterparts. Traditionally oil base products have much higher VOC’s than latex products. Paint manufacturers have had a harder time making oil base products compliant. Many manufacturers have chosen to discontinue the production of all oil products.